January 24, 2016

AHA Members in "Fresh Start" exhibit at the Honolulu Country Club

Some of the artists of the AHA in the photo are: Philip Riley, Wendy Roberts, Linda Umstead, Christina Uebelein, Ayako Oshima, Sylvia Lewis, Christine Otahni-Chang. Award winners included Wendy Roberts, Christina Uebelein and Ayako Oshima.



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The AHA Gallery at the Honolulu Country Club

Members wishing to participate in the Honolulu Country Club exhibitions should contact the show chair, Jennifer Rothschild at onoaloha@hawaii.rr.com. The show changes every two months with a different theme. Each artist would normally have an opportunity to submit six pieces of art.


  • If you have not received your 2009 membership booklet, please write to ahahawaii@gmail.com.

Post your announcements to the AHA E-Bulletin Board

AHA members, please send your announcements to Chieko Higuchi, our E-Bulletin Board Manager. higuchic002@hawaii.rr.com.

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